The help you NEED to build accountability with your self-care. 

Celebrities and companies I've worked for:   Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, Neil Gaiman, David Byrne, MTV, Cartoon Network, Steppenwolf Theatre, Goodman Theatre

There are so many things to take care of...

work, home-life, getting the kids to all their activities, being the one everyone else runs to with their problems. There’s just enough time in the day to take care of the urgent things, but the to-do list keeps growing longer. You even add to it when you’re supposed to be relaxing during that monthly massage appointment. There are running lists of things to get at the grocery store, stuff to clean at home, not to mention any extra food or supplies needed for the kids’ extracurricular activities.
Celebrities and companies I've worked for
Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, Neil Gaiman, David Byrne, MTV, Cartoon Network, Steppenwolf Theatre, Goodman Theatre.


You check the boxes you’re ‘supposed’ to check:
  • Exercise at least twice a week
  • Take vacations
  • Eat healthy
  • Get a regular massage
But what that really looks like is:
  • Exercise at least twice a week in a class you don’t like
  • Take vacations but are more exhausted when you get home
  • Eat healthy when you have time to eat at all
  • Get a regular massage and spend the time making lists of all the other things to do
Women are unconsciously the ones who carry everything on their back. They have to find the time to take care of the family and keep up with a full workload. Rarely do they have a chance to unwind in a judgment-free zone. And they don’t feel supported when choosing to set up self-care routines that calm and nurture them so they’re able to show up as the powerful beings they are. The more balanced your life is, the longer you can maintain your energy for yourself, your loved ones, and for the impact you want to make in the world. 


It’s time to take the steps towards your health with a personal well-being assistant. 

I'll provide:
  • Physical exercises to maintain your mobility and connect with your body
  • Mental support/exercises to work through the negative self-talk, relieve stress and build self-love so you can feel confident around setting boundaries with your self-care.



"Her encouraging, playful style and her genuine affection for her clients makes me look forward to each session."  - Helen

How do I join?

-75 min initial call
-2 x 30 min sessions per week for movement and/or coaching
-Unlimited Voxer support (direct messaging) 9 am-6 pm Mon.-Fri.
-Access to all my classes



You’ll receive:

 -Individualized support
 -Judgment-free zone to talk through your stress, or any negative self-talk
 -Certified Pilates instructor, personal trainer, and life coach




You can also customize your plan by:

-Additional 30 min session each week: (added monthly; extra time for coaching, accountability, or fitness.
-On-the-ground support for an in-person event; project management in person.
-Family support; add another member of the family, including kids


I’m available for an in-person weekend or event, when you just need someone in your corner, making sure you’re taken care of. If you have a busy work event and you just want someone there to make sure you’re sticking to your daily routine, while also providing you with a grounding presence to touch base with, let’s plan it.
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"SuperKate will challenge you but

she will never intimidate you." - Jen


About SuperKate

I’ve had the amazing privilege of working with a variety of people throughout the world, and most specifically the entertainment world. While the career titles varied, they all involved connecting with people and managing ideas/productions. One of my highest priorities was to create a calm, welcoming environment, whether I’m keeping them on track to finish a project or coaching them on their physical and mental goals.
Celebrities and companies I've worked for
Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls, Neil Gaiman, David Byrne, MTV, Cartoon Network, Steppenwolf Theatre, Goodman Theatre.
I’ve been lucky to experience various forms of movement in my life:
  • Sports taught me the cohesiveness of a team.
  • Dance fostered a new love of my body and my ability to tell a story.
  • Pilates and functional training have created more balance and proprioception.
Through my training as a certified Pilates instructor, personal trainer and life coach, I connected deeper to my body, and so have my clients. We have found:
  • More confidence
  • More calm.
  • Ability to focus on what’s important.


 "I was exercising because I felt like I needed to get in shape, but the joy I had previously experienced in Pilates wasn’t there."



"Prior to working with SuperKate, I was unfulfilled, wearing myself out to please others and taking no time for myself. I had lost my joy across all areas of my life and was burnt out. Through working with SuperKate, I have felt accepted and challenged. I now know my worth and recognize my limits. I am learning to set boundaries, be true to myself, and can kick more ass. 

Put yourself as a priority, put the oxygen mask on yourself first and go for it. The more you pour into yourself, the more you can give to others and make change. You are worth it!!!!"~ Carla