SuperKate's journey through the entertainment industry as a celebrity personal assistant and production director was a whirlwind of coordinating artists and managing international productions. But after years of pushing herself to the limit, burnout hit hard. That's when she had a wake-up call: she realized she'd been neglecting her own well-being.

So, she made a big decision. Instead of pouring all her energy into the fast-paced world of entertainment, she shifted gears toward wellness and movement. It wasn't just about her anymore; it was about finding balance and taking care of herself. She now uses that to help busy clients do the same.

SuperKate dove headfirst into exploring ways to boost physical and mental health, not just for herself but for others too. Drawing from her intense experiences in high-pressure situations, she knew firsthand the importance of self-care and finding harmony to succeed in the long run.

Nowadays, she's found her groove, seamlessly blending her expertise to support individuals in all aspects of life. Whether it's personal growth or professional success, she's there to guide others toward sustainable lifestyles. Her goal? To help people prioritize their well-being and make a real impact in their own lives and beyond.

Pronouns:  She/Her/Hers


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